WISDOM: Learning from Your Mistakes

They say a wise person is one who knows what they don’t know, and that they learn not only from their own mistakes, but the mistakes of others.

Road Through Great Smokies
“Suppose you were hired to build new road”

Recently in our sermon series at Hobart Baptist entitled The Getting of Wisdom, Ps Joel Ortiz reminded how Solomon, writer of the book of Ecclesiastes, warns not to go down certain pathways in life. Why? Because he has already been down them and they are dead ends. In essence he says, don’t waste your time trying. Wisdom is taking heed of such advice.
Suppose you were hired to build from scratch new road up to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart. To do so you are promised all the money, equipment, workers and tools you need as well as $5 million payment. However, there is one condition. You are the only engineer on the job and no one else is to join you.
What would you do, particularly as you don’t know anything about road building?
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