Mentoring and Coaching

For 20 years I have mentored or coached leaders in ministry, business, and not-for-profit positions helping them through transition and life questions, as well as business or relational issues.

I am convinced this is a critical element in our development as leaders. I know because it is true for me. Not only am I a mentor and coach, I am to have a mentor/coached whom I meet with regularly.

I have a passion to assist individuals to discover the unique story that is theirs to write and to live. I do this by helping them reframe their circumstances, think outside the box, and plan a new way ahead.

if you would like to discuss mentoring and/or coaching with me please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

“I found Stephen to have a deep understanding of how other people think, and combined with his natural nurturing skills, is able to make others feel safe and trust him with their confidences… Stephen has the amazing ability to be able to overcome challenges in a positive and strategic manner, motivating others to rise with him and look at the big picture.”

“Stephen’s personal style, his skills across a range of disciplines and his broad life experience combined to make the mentoring relationship more than successful in meeting the goals we had set at the outset, and in providing the training I needed to develop my non-technical skills at work. I would strongly recommend Stephen to anyone contemplating a mentor/trainer in the area of their business or work.”

Nuts and Bolts

The mentoring or coaching takes place over a series of one-on-one meetings which can be face-to-face but are usually by skype (or equivalent). Each session normally last an hour and takes place on a prearranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. A series normally runs over a 3, 6 months or 12 month period, but can also be open-ended. The fee for each series of sessions is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and normally paid in advance.

Experience & Qualifications:

I have pastored a number of churches and been CEO of a number of organisations (a publishing company, a housing provider and a registered training organisation). I am currently Senior Pastor at Hobart Baptist Church and Mission Director for Tasmanian Baptists, as well as sitting on a number of boards and committees. See my CV for further details.

I am accredited with Mentors and Business Coaches International.