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We are looking at positioning of Hobart Baptist Church as an “arts” church

At a special church meeting a week ago, we decided to continue to pursue the vision of redeveloping our property. With courage and inspiration, we have again stepped out in faith, like those of the past, to continue the ongoing ministry of Hobart Baptist Church. As faithful stewards our desire is to pass on an asset that will facilitate ministry and mission for years to come. We want our building to remain a tool and instrument for the future, rather than a monument, a memorial or museum of the past.
Our church needs a strong connection point with those who walk up and down Elizabeth Street. We need to be able to connect with the wider North Hobart precinct and become an important part of it. With this in mind, we are looking at positioning of Hobart Baptist Church as an “arts” church where our unique building provides a special venue for the hosting of events such as classical music, debates, concerts and art exhibitions. Our building would then become a valuable community asset and provide the church with many missional opportunities.
This is the heart of the matter: our development dream is about nothing more than the continuation of the witness, ministry and mission of Hobart Baptist Church. By building upon the courage and faith of those who have gone before us, we too, with courage and faith, look forward to what God will do through us and the generations yet to come.
Please pray that as we look at redeveloping our buildings, God will redevelop our ministries and we will see the ministries of Hobart Baptist Church flourish.
Stephen L Baxter
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