He Dared to Dream (cont)

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Then without anger or resentment he replied, “I’m sorry for any inconvenience my son has caused. He was discharged from hospital this morning and we are on our way home. He has been blind from birth and everything he now looks at he is seeing for the first time in his life.”
Yesterday, Easter Sunday morning, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection changes the way we look at everything, God, Jesus, ourselves and life itself. It gives new eyes and a new vision.
Jesus saw the world differently. Those the world despised and thought of as nothing, Jesus loved and honoured. Those treated as outcasts because of sickness or deformity, he healed. Where there was division and hatred, Jesus urged the loving of enemies. Where we look for advantage and wealth, Jesus called us to share possessions and serve each other.

The resurrection is God’s resounding “Yes” to all that Jesus said and hoped for

Sadly, they ultimately killed Jesus because he dared to dream of a new world different from our own. However, the resurrection is God’s resounding “Yes” to all that Jesus said and hoped for.
Although the resurrection took place nearly 2000 years ago our celebrations are not just a remembrance of that extraordinary event. We celebrate that the power of the resurrection is at work in our world today. We are already, in many real ways, participants in resurrection. Whether it be the day we accepted Christ, or the day God answered a prayer in a very tangible way, or the day a sickness was healed, or a sorrow wiped away – we have all tasted resurrection, if only in part.
But Easter is more than what God has done in our lives. It is about Jesus’ vision of a new world and the possibility of living in a world the way it was meant to be. It is about setting everything right again. This is what resurrection is all about. It has consequences that spans both time and eternity. It is as real and as applicable today, and in the future, as it was that first Easter morning.
May God grant us the grace to see the bigger picture, to get past our own limitations and to see the world in new ways – through the eyes of Jesus.
Stephen L Baxter
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